About Vevina Cream

Effect of Vevina

Vevina cream prevents your skin from sweat rash or chafing. The lubricating ingredients smooth your skin surfaces wherever it rubs together. Due to the antiperspirant ingredients sweat doesn’t influence the effectiveness of Vevina.


The cream is waterproof and sweat does not affect the operation of Vevina. Vevina cream doesn’t contain parabenen or perfume, not has it been tested on animals.

How to apply?

Apply a thin layer of Vevina cream at the spotted skin on the insights of your thighs. The cream needs a few seconds to stick to your skin.
Don’t forget that you can use Vevina cream on other parts of your body too, e.g. in between your toes, your upper arms or your belly. Vevina is not only usefull with warm weather, but also when you exercise and encounter problems with skin chafing.


A tube of Vevina contains 30 ml. The package may look small, but fits in every handbag. It’s enough cream to protect your skin during a beautiful spring and a sunny summer.

Order & Shipping

If you order Vevina at www.vevina.eu your order will be delivered at your house. The flat package of Vevina fits through your mailbox, so you don’t need to stay home to receive your order.


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Here you can watch the (Dutch) informercial of Vevina:

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