Check your Mailbox

When you order Vevina for the first time

Since this is a new website, using a new email address, we would like to notify you of spam in your mailbox:

The first time you receive an email from Vevina Cream, mail providers can mark the email(s) of Vevina as spam and store it in your spam folder.

Although we appreciate that providers protect our mailboxes, you and I encounter some problems.

Automated Emails

If you ordered Vevina through this website, make sure you receive the following automated emails:

  • If you haven’t paid already, you will receive a confirmation email including payment details. This mail should arrive within an hour of placing the order.
  • After payment, you will receive an email stating that your order is complete.
  • You will receive a third mail when your order is ready for shipment.


This is what you can do to prevent legitimate email being marked as spam:

  • Before you order: add this address to your address book. In this way, automated emails are identified as coming from a trusted contact, and they will be send to your inbox.
  • After you buy, check the spam folder after your (first) order and mark email from Vevina Cream as “not spam”.
The most common providers suggest these solutions:

Gmail Support Legitimate mail is marked as spam
Gmail Support Why messages are marked as Spam
Yahoo Help An email I sent went to the recipient’s spam folder
Yahoo Help Emails are delayed or not received at all
Hotmail & Errors sending or receiving email

If these solutions do not work, please contact me at or one of our social media?

Thank you for your understanding!