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How come Vevina cream works so well?

Friction Protection Cream of Vevina® prevents painful red irritated skin, e.g. between your thighs, underneath your breasts and between your buttocks.
The lubricating layer smooth your skin surfaces wherever it rubs together and due to the antiperspirant ingredients sweat doesn’t influence the effectiveness of Vevina®.

Is Vevina tested on animals?

No, Vevina Friction Protection cream is not tested on animals.
To prove the effectiveness of Vevina my mother, my sisters, my friends and of course myself have acted as lab rats.

How to apply Vevina?

Apply a layer of the cream on the chafing spots, e.g. between your thighs, underneath your breasts and between your buttocks.
The cream needs several seconds to adjust to your skin.

Do I have to apply it to both insight thighs?

Yes, for the best result apply the cream on both insights of your thighs.

Can I use Vevina on other parts of my body?

Yes, you can. I use Vevina in between my toes when I wear flipflops.
Also, I have a beautiful shirt with beads close to armpits. Those beads causes chafing. On those spots I put a little bit of Vevina, problem solved!

Does Vevina work when your skin gets chafed by clothes?

Yes, Vevina can be used for both skin to skin chafing and skin to fabric.

Does Vevina leave any stanes in my clothes?

No, Vevina is not a greasy cream and in my experience the cream doesn’t leave any stanes in my clothes.
If you have an important event like a wedding, do check upfront to be absolute sure. Try Vevina and see how the cream responds to your skin.

Does Vevina get sticky?

No, Vevina doesn’t get sticky.

Becomes my skin dry or smooth with Vevina?

Vevina keeps your skin dry and soft.

How much cream a tube of Vevina contains?

Vevina contains 30 ml.

How long will a tube of Vevina last?

One tube of Vevina is sufficient for a beautiful spring and a sunny summer.

Can I use Vevina with sunscreen?

If you first apply Vevina to your skin, please wait a few seconds so Vevina can attach to your skin, than apply your sunscreen.

How many times a day can I use Vevina?

Apply Vevina when you feel the cream lost its protective charateristic

How often do I have to apply the cream?

Once in the morning and depending on your skin, the temperature and how much you have been walking that day, you might need to apply it again.
The benefit of Vevina is that the cream is packed in a small tube that fits in every girls handbag.

Can I use my Vevina tube from last season?

Yes, you can, but if the tube was almost empty the cream may have dried out a bit and it won’t be as effective as last season.
The content is legally perishable untill 12 months after opening.

Does Vevina contain perfume?

No, Vevina doesn’t contain perfume.

Does Vevina contain hormones?

No, Vevina doesn’t contain hormones.

What are the main ingredients of Vevina?

The main ingredients of Vevina are zinkoxide, that keeps the skin dry, and sillicones, that prevents rubbing of the skin.

I am allergic to sillicones. Can I use Vevina?

No, Vevina contains sillicones, it’s better you try another product to prevent chafing.

Can I use Vaseline to prevent sweat rash/chafing?

Vaseline is a greasy product that leaves staines in your clothes. Vevina doesn’t contain any oily ingredients. Also, vaseline tends to wash away by water or sweat.

Why are body lotion or baby oil not effective for chafing?

Both products are greasy. When you sweat, the lotion or oil flushes from your skin. Your skin doesn’t have a protective layer anymore and chafing starts again.

Can everybody use Vevina?

Yes, but do keep in mind that every skin is different. One person benefits more from Vevina than another. I can never guarantee that Vevina is effectieve for everybody. But I know a lot of women and men have benefited from the cream since its been sold. If you like, you can check the Reviews form other customers.

Can a man use Vevina?

Yes, of course. Lots of men have problems with chafing, in the genital area for instance.

Can I use Vevina if my baby has skin rash because of the diaper?

Vevina could be used for baby rash, but it’s better to use specialised baby products for your baby.

Can I use Vevina when I am pregnant?

Vevina doesn’t contain any substance that could be harmful for your baby.
To be sure, please check with your pharmacist or doctor.

How long does it take before my order will be delivered?

As soon as I have received your payment, I’ll send your order by post.
It takes about 4-8 days before your order from the UK is delivered at your house.

I made an order at, but I haven’t received a confirmation mail of my order. Is something wrong?

If you made an order you automatically receive a confirmation email within a couple of minutes at the email address you provided.
It is possible your spamfilter has marked the email as spam. Please check your spam folder?
If you haven’t received any confirmation email within an hour, please contact me at
For more information on this, please read Check your Mailbox

Something is wrong with my order, what should I do?

If there is something wrong with your order, please inform me. I always answer all emails that I receive.
In case your order is incomplete, it hasn’t arrived yet or you didn’t receive a confirmation email, please send me an email at

I have a complaint, how can I reach Vevina?

Please send me an email to

Can I order Vevina from another country such as Belgium or if I am on holiday in Italy?

I can mail Vevina to all countries of the world with PostNL. Your order is usually delivered within 4-8 working days within Europe.
Check the Shipping & Rates page for the delivery costs.

Does use cookies?

Yes, uses cookies. You have accepted the cookies when you first visited the website.
For more information, see the cookie policy and the privacy policy.

Do I have to register or create an account to be able order the cream?

No, you don’t need (to create) an account to order.
However, you do receive a confirmation with your order and payment details in your mailbox.

Can I trace my order?

No, your order doesn’t have a track & trace number.
In addition to the confirmation email, you will receive a notification email once I received your payment and that your order has been send.

Can I sign in for a newsletter?

No, I don’t send newsletters, but you can read any news about Vevina here, or at Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.
If you have any other questions, please contact me at Thank you!