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Saskia’s review

September 5th 2013

Every summer I was jealous of all the girls in their skirts with bare legs. I wanted that too. But it resulted in chafed skin, it even started to bleed. Now I discovered Vevina and it’s the first thing I put in my suitcase for a holiday. No more leggings. Vevina is fantastic!!!!!!

Roxanne’s reviews

September 5th 2013

Vevina is great! I tried it straightaway and played tennis the whole afternoon, no problems anymore 🙂

Marjolein’s review

August 20th 2013

On the website of lots of girls blogged about Vevina. Last week I ordered the cream at and I am hooked.

Elsie’s review

July 30th 2013

Since a couple of weeks I use Vevina and I have to admit that in the beginning I was a bit suspicious. I thought that a cream couldn’t be the solution, because I sweat a lot. But I use Vevina together with an anti-transpirations lotion and it is the perfect combination for me. Even if my legs get wet, the cream protects my skin. Thank you.

Manon’s review

July 22th 2013

Of course I want to send you a review. My experience with Vevina was super. It was very hot the last couple of days and I didn’t suffer from chafed legs anymore. In my city I see a lot of women who don’t wear dresses, just shorts. I think a lot of them have the same problem as me. I found Vevina by google on the blog of

Erik’s review

July 19th 2013

Product works very well. Yes, even men use it 😉

Mini’s review

June 21st 2013

I like Vevina so much, I give it as a present to my friends who don’t wear dresses. Keep up the good work!!!

Christa’s review

May 28th 2013

I am very happy with your cream. It’s great to finally have a product that exactly works. Thanks for the quick service.

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