Shipping & Rates


Vevina can be delivered anywhere in the world. At home, at work or to your holiday address.
With the flat package of Vevina your order can be delivered in your letterbox and won’t be left at your neighbours or at a collection point.

Your order will be shipped from the Netherlands to the UK. It takes approximately 4-8 working days for your order to arrive. Your order will be send, once I received your payment.


Orders of 1-6 tubes of Vevina will be delivered in your mailbox. The following rates apply:

1 tube
2-3 tubes
4 tubes
5-6 tubes
? 2,50
? 5,00
? 7,50
? 10,00

Orders exceeding 7 tubes will be send as a parcel. If you want to order 7 or more tubes or if you have any questions regarding shipping, please contact me at